Slam Dunk - Burger King's Breakers Sponsorship
Burger King via Colenso BBDO
21 games
Live Time
DSL Camera + Green Screen
Slam Dunk area gave fans an opportunity to be a basketball star. We erected a 12×12 green screen and had fans jump off a tramp to slam the ball into the hoop in front of it. Background was made to be a photo of Vector Arena crowd making every fan look like they were scoring at a big game.

An album of photos was uploaded to Facebook after each game for fans to share, like and comment.
Engagement ⭐
With each game popularity of Slam Dunk grew and queues both before and during half time grew substantially. Social media uptake of the photos exceeded clients expectation.

The total of 21 albums were created with an average of a 100 photos in each. Fans liked and shared albums, tagged themselves in photos and engaged with positive comments.
Driving foot traffic into retruants
Slam dunk pro ambassadors were on hand to assist any guests too small to reach the hoop. They also sampled 'one free cheeseburger' with any in store purchase vouchers into the hands of all participants and supporters.
Authentic brand engagement on the page through customer comments on Facebook. Photographs on social media become a forum for customers to express how the feel about the event, the brand and their experience.
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