No Santa? No problem
Digital Christmas Tree encourages customers to include their personalised photos to branded in-centre display. An inclusive, moderated and safe solution to engage with your community.
Set and forget, no staff required
Fill out a template for customer instruction copy, select tree colours and upload your .png file for branded photo overlay. Your Christmas promotion is ready to go.
Use any vertical screen connected to the internet to display your personalised Digital Christmas Tree. Photos of the customers will appear in bubbles as soon as they clear through moderation.
Share with customers your campaign link. Display QR code in centre and participating retailers, post to your Facebook and Instagram and include it eDMs.
In-centre and out of home find the spirit of Christmas
Journey Started
Customer is directed to the promotion upload URL from a display QR code in centre, participating retailers and direct links on social media posts and ads.
Photo Added
Customer is prompted to upload their photo from their personal devices, option to choose from camera roll or public FB photos.
Branding applied
Your theming and branding applied. Promotion overlay appears on top of each photo.
Display and download
Image is sent to you via sms/email for approval. As soon as you click Accept, the customer photo is ready to appear inside the baubles of the Tree.
Add data collection
Option to ask customers to fill in their details before the photo is added to the tree. Customised form to increase ROI.
Add competition
Incentives sharing to Facebook and Instagram with a competition. Send email and sms with instructions.
Free consultation
Let's schedule a 20 minute strategy session and work out the best contactless activation solution for you this Christmas