Contactless activations made easy. With Interlike photo upload app you can engage customers at home
Brand promotion allowing for participation from anywhere through personal phones and computers
Connect with your community through messages of kindness and images from homes
⚡Campaign idea
Customers can share a photo of themselves with their best 'work from home' outfit. All photos and stories can be displayed in your branded gallery and shared as facebook posts and ads.

Drive participants to the campaign site via QR codes around a shopping centre, with influencer posts and on your social channels.
How it works: Photo upload app user journey
Customer visits a web page and uploads their photo
The photo is treated with branded and themed graphics
Customer enters their details inc, name, email, opt in, etc
The photo can be shared to personal FB with a link to the gallery
Email and SMS with the photo is sent to the customer ready for Instagram
This is how AMI Insurance used it
What do you get?
Campaign website
Photo upload app embedded into a campaign website including design based on our templates.
Photo upload app code ready for your developers to embed into your company website.
Can't engage with your customers onsite? With Interlike photo upload app you can reach customers anywhere.
Why photo upload app?
  • Online engagement promotion
  • Easy photo competition
  • Customer data and opt ins for remarketing
  • Relevant brand positioning
  • Branded user generated content with permission to reuse
  • Campaign success report
⚡Campaign idea
Offer customers to share a photo and a story of a local hero who deserves recognition. Easy to execute with Interlike.
Photo upload app - leading alternative to physical activations. Let's figure out how it can work for you.

⚡Post campaign idea
Once we are fully out of the Covid-19 restrictions, display all the participants - faces of the community in your centre.
Shopping centre marketing teams trust Interlike
"Figtree Grove was so pleased with the Interlike experience. From set up to the final reports, the entire process was stress free and delivered outstanding engagament rates. Our shoppers loved having something new to experience in centre and seeing their selfies on our Facebook page."
Rhianna Quirk
Marketing Manager | RetPro
"Interlike was the perfect partner for The Base Christmas promotion. The equipment was faultless, the responsive and the promotion was very successful."
Jess Till
Marketing Manager | Kiwi Properties
"I rate Interlike technology and services 9 out of 10. We'll definitely work with them again."
Meg Hockley
Regional Digital Manager | Scentre Group
" was really easy to use, our customers loved to choose their own overlays. Fantastic concept and it can only get better the more we use it."

Monique Canavan
Marketing & Pop Up Sales Executive | Lendlease
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