Know Your Influencers
How to attract influencers without paying an agency
An effective social media influencer can amplify your brand to reach hard to get to audiences. This is definitely the case for broad appeal businesses like retail centres when working with a variety of influencers with established social networks is often more effective than buying advertising to target numerous niche audiences.
You could use a an established paid influencer with an existing big audience but many of these are now represented by agencies and are expensive to engage. However, among your customers, there are existing influencers who you may not be aware. Enthusiastic regular people with loyal niche followings can be as effective as a high profile (and expensive!) influencers.

But how do you identify, engage and recruit these micro-influencers to your brand? It's much easier than you think.

Often marketers don't know how to utilise data captured during a promotion . According to this survey one third of organisations don't know how to extract commercial value from their data. Did you know that if you use Interlike photo-marketing for the promotion, the platform can run simple data analysis and offer a unique way to easily identify key influencers from participating customers.
This is how you can use photo marketing to get to micro-influencers with Interlike:
Step 1 - Set up a Interlike Selfie Station in your mall

Step 2 - People take a selfie as part of a promotion

Step 4 - To get their photo, participants have to enter their details and email

Step 5 - All customers details are saved in Interlike dashboard

Step 6 - The data is analysed by Interlike deep demographic reporting plugin to identify the most effective influencers and generates a report
Interlike Influencer report includes the following information about your customers: the exact number of posts, followers and engagements, and connections they have had across all social media platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
Armed with this information, it's simple to direct message influencers and ask them about becoming brand ambassadors for you and help build your brand
Example from AMI Kai Matariki 2017 Campaign
You are a marketing manager of a shopping mall who is running a Christmas photo competition and have collected 2,500 emails in 3 weeks. Download an industry benchmark case study here.

By partnering with Interlike, in addition to achieving on all the leads and social media engagement objectives, you also receive an Interlike Influencer report. It is a dynamic list of the top 10 most popular and engaged participants - micro influencers.

These are your loyal customers, you know they are happy enough to participate in your promotions, providing you permission to contact them. For example Marry, who has 3,500 followers on her 'Arts and Crafts' Pinterest board and here is John - with 1,500 followers and regular posts with good engagement on his travel Instagram account.

The marketing team now has the choice to reach out directly to say thank you for taking part in the Christmas promotion. As an idea send them a gift card from the crafts and travel gear stores or even better - an actual gift from each of those stores with a nice thank you note. Just like that you established an authentic relationship with a micro-influencer in your community.

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