Engaging retailers in a campaign full of love
Written by Clinton Tudor
Valentines is a perfect time in retail to tune in to the love vibes and connect with customers. For shopping centres photo marketing activations fit well with the theme - who doesn't love a classic kissing booth? It also represents an ideal time in the promotional calendar to involve your retailers.
Chartwell shopping centre did just that. They used their interlike Selfie Station to run a Facebook competition. Customers took selfies that were instantly uploaded to the centre Facebook page. To complete their entry into the draw all they needed to do was 'tag' someone they love in the photo comment.

The prize was a desirable valentines hamper comprised of special gifts from 7 participating retailers within the centre.
The mix of relevant incentive and attractive set up proved to be very popular with customers and provided the centre with excellent marketing results. There were twice as many unique participants at this site as any other activation we had running at the time with just a gift card as a prize.

In just 3 days of live time the promotion brought over 60 000 organic post views for Chartwell Facebook page. This was partially due to Interlike unique sharing to Facebook mechanic and customer comments as part of competition entry. What also contributed to the final result was all the shares from participating retailers on their social channels.
Interesting to see that it wasn't just about couples in love who participated. There were also a lot of early stage families and older parents out shopping with offsprings. On occasions where customers were out alone they created cute valentine cards to send to their loved ones. Heartfelt sentiment from customers is poured out into the shopping centre facebook page. In comments customers shared the love.

Shopping centres need to become community places where people gather to feel good and connected to one another. The Valentine's selfie promotion proved that Chartwell is one of those places.
Are you ready to share the love this Valentine's?
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