Community engagement with micro-influencers
Written by Zlata K
Among your customers there are enthusiastic regular people with loyal niche following, micro-influencers. Who when combined, can be as effective as high profile paid influencers. Interlike has a unique tool that helps marketing teams to identify micro-influencers with the right information to engage them. Here is a quick article on why you should care and how it works. We also feature a great use case from one of our favourite clients.
Sample customer data identified with interlike influencer report generator.
Often marketers don't know how to utilise data captured during a promotion. As Adnan Khan (Strategy & Technology Partner at Stitch) observes, "Businesses are already sitting on a lot of data about their customers, the opportunity is to get this out of silos and stitch it together across platforms to deliver better customer experiences." Did you know that if you use Interlike photo-marketing for a promotion, you can also use a deep demographic reporting plugin to identify key influencers from participating customers?
How to use photo marketing to engage micro-influencers with
Step 1 - Set up an Interlike Selfie Station in a high dwell public area

Step 2 - Customers take a selfie as part of a promotion

Step 3 - To receive their photo, participants have to enter their details including an email address and agree to privacy terms

Step 4 - All customers details are saved in back end dashboard

Step 5 - The data is analysed by deep demographic reporting plugin and generates a report

E.g. If the email provided is associated with a public Instagram profile, can tell you how many followers they have, what their engagement rate is, where they are from AND their most used #tags
You are a marketing manager of a shopping centre who is running a Christmas photo competition via Interlike Selfie Station installation. You have collected 1,500 emails in 3 weeks. (Read case studies with similar results here).

By using, in addition to achieving all the leads and social media engagement objectives, you also receive an Interlike Influencer Report. It is a dynamic list of the most popular and engaged participants - micro influencers.

These are your loyal customers. You know they are happy enough to participate in your promotions, providing you permission to contact them. For example Mary has 3,500 followers on her 'Arts and Crafts' Pinterest board and Kim has 1,500 followers and regular posts with #mumslife on her Instagram.

The marketing team now has the choice to reach out directly to say 'thank you for taking part in the Christmas promotion'. As an idea - send them a gift card from the arts and crafts and baby clothes stores. Even better, send an actual gift from each of those stores with a nice thank you note. Also invite them to the next relevant event in centre. Just like that you have established an authentic relationship with a micro-influencer in your community.
easy win
Some Brand Experience Executives have a system where they send out a DM with a 'thank you' and a $20 Gift Card every time they see someone with over 1,000 followers engaging with their brand.
Westfield St Lukes use case
Scentre Group used Interlike Selfie Station in 2017 for a photo competition. The report identified a number of micro-influencers. Among them was a mum whos profile is dedicated to all things family and the inspirational joys of raising young children in beautiful New Zealand. Since then she's been invited to several activations and events in the centre. Her and family have attend the events as VIPs. While in the centre, she creates authentic content and shares it on her Instagram posts and Stories which become highlights. It is a Win for the centre and a Win for the influencer.
Lego Star Wars 20th Anniversary Activation.
Customer Instagram posts and Story Highlights. photo marketing has always been a value added extension to any in centre activation. Now with Interlike Influencer Report, marketing teams are taking the customer data further to strengthen local community relationships. By placing customers first, they are building authentic brand partnerships staying ahead of the competition and returning more ROI during the promotional calendar.
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