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How do I enter the competition?
To learn how to enter the competition, watch the video below
Why can't I see myself
Your computer might not have a built in camera. Or your camera is not activated - to activate click "Allow" in the pop up at the upper left corner.
My photo won't upload and gets stuck
Your photo might be too big. Try to refresh the page or upload another photo.
Where does my photo go?
Your photo will be displayed on a live gallery Your photo may also be used by AMI on other media platforms.
What if I don't like my photo?
No problem, simply click 'Try Again'. The photo you don't like will not saved or shared.
I didn't receive my email?
Check your spam folder. If you still can not see your email, find your photo in the AMI Matariki Selfie Gallery.
Why is my photo missing from the Gallery?
Your photo could have been deleted from the Gallery. This App is running on Interlike engine (, see app's Terms of use. This app is a public entity, you must ensure to abide by the Terms of Use outlined by Interlike. Any failure to comply to these terms of use gives Interlike the right to remove your content from the gallery without warning. Use the following guidelines to ensure your photo is safe:

  • Take as many photos as you like
  • Share to all your social networks
  • Have fun with different poses
  • Share the good vibes with all your networks

  • NO rude hand gestures
  • NO gang signs
  • NO nudity or pornography
  • NO offensive slogans
  • NO violent imagery
Why does the link in my email not work?

Your photo could have been deleted from the Gallery. See Why is my photo missing from the Gallery for more information.
Legal, privacy, and security
AMI Matariki Selfie Terms of Service
By entering your details you are ok for your photo to send to you via email. You are also ok for your photo to be displayed in a live gallery from the website. You also give permission for AMI to use your photo on any other social channels or marketing collateral. AMI will hold your email address to contact you with relevant marketing communications. You can unsubscribe at any time

This App is running on Interlike engine (, see Interlike Terms of Use here
AMI Matariki Selfie Privacy Policy
This App is running on Interlike engine (, see Interlike Privacy Policy here
Why do I need to enter the email?
We send an email to the entered email address with a link to your amazing AMI Matariki Selfie and tell you how to share it on FB, Twitter & Instagram to win a fridge full of Kai.
How will my email be used?
Your email may be used by AMI to send you details about the AMI Matariki Selfie campaign or other relevant marketing communications.
How can I win the fridge full of Kai ?
You can read the full terms and conditions on how to win the fridge full of Kai here
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