Social Mirror
Beauty reflections in the selfie universe. This mobile and self contained installation is destined for a true VIP experience world wide. An exquisite design and stunning beauty lighting shape up Interlike Social Mirror as a red carpet essential. Revered by fashionistas and adored by celebrities.
Every kit comes complete with the Mirror and lightweight durable cnc machined metal enclosure, an anti theft design iPad case, metal adjustable stand, an LED beauty light, six rechargeable batteries and a wall mount battery charger.

We also include a special carry case for safe transportation. Interlike Social Mirror is available for rental nationwide in Australia, New Zealand and Russia with license. Includes insurance and emergency replacement.

It is also available for purchase and can be shipped to any destination worldwide. Leave your details below and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.
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  • Permanent installation with bold design and high end studio lighting. Digital and social photobooth reincarnated into Interlike Selfie Station and became a retail dream gadget.
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