Cure Cancer Australia's
Tree of Hope
Learning to celebrate generosity in an increasingly digital society
The Anzac Poppy. The Yellow Daffodil. Throughout our lives we have all been given totems to celebrate our generosity and spread the feeling of goodwill to others when giving donations out of our homes.

But in an increasingly mobile first, digital society where we may not even see our colleagues in person let alone friends and family as we go about our busy days, how do we celebrate each others' capacity to help and reinforce our shared values?
Cure Cancer Australia's answer is the Tree of Hope - this is how they are doing it
  • Roaming Selfie Machine
  • Take photo and donate
    • Volunteers take photos of travellers who want to make a contribution in Sydney Airport via Interlike App. With interactive filters, travellers can become pilot, a Santa researcher or just pose for a selfie
    • As we live in a cashless society the donation is processed via Tap and Go technologies - no clunky coins required!
  • Personalise
    • Each photo can be personalised, dedicating the contribution from the customer to a specific person or cause
  • Enter the details
    • Email addresses are entered so that the supporter can receive a digital version of their photo instantly, and they can elect to subscribe to further communications from Cure Cancer
  • You are on the tree!
    • Within second their personalised photo appears on the Tree of Hope as Christmas decoration to delight their fellow travellers
  • Receive the photo
    • At the same time the photo is delivered to the supporters via sms and email
  • Share on Facebook
    • Once the photo is received (there on the spot as we all have our phones with email on us), it can then be shared to Facebook so that friends and families can also celebrate their giving
  • Family and friends can do their own selfie from devices at home
    • Friends and family will also see a link on Facebook to the Interlike web app where they can make their own donation, create a their own personalised photo and message, inspired to join in the fight to cure cancer themselves!
Check out these amazing images of the Tree of Hope some of them with personal dedications that have been sent through from the public already below
As the Tree of Hope shows, by leveraging the amazing power of photo marketing not only can you help people celebrate generosity but you can also capture vital information about the people moving through your physical spaces that maximize their engagement across all your social media platforms.
Get involved
The campaign is going to be live all the way till Christmas! So get involved.

With the help of Interlike App and web platform you too can donate to a worthy cause and share that generosity with others - go to and create a photo to raise awareness, share the love and help Cure Cancer. If you going through Domestic or International terminals of Sydney Airport - you will see your photo on the Tree of Hope!
The Tree of Hope is support by Sydney Airport, Virgin Australia and Rydges. It is powered by Interlike and LG. Read about the launch on Cure Cancer Australia blog here.
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