Winning with Wellington Airport and Jetstar
Offline lead generation to social media advertsing campaign
New Zealand landing and exit pad in the capital city Wellington Airport attracts almost 6 million passengers annually. The busy connection of Wellington to various international centres services an average of 16,000 people daily. Although there is an increasing number of travellers year on year, Wellington Airport's partnership with several airlines affords them the responsibility to increase passenger loads.

Interlike and Wellington Airport first successful partnership was realised mid 2016 with a clear objective to provide an interactive experience for travellers on site and increase general awareness of Jetstar's flight path to Gold Coast and Melbourne. The one month installation became a benchmark with results far beyond awareness. Expanding on this campaign, leads collected from the activity were then deployed in a newly developed exclusive Facebook advertising campaign to 'Extend the Summer' for Wellington customers to The Gold Coast. The campaign had a very focused targeting, eye catching creative execution and strategic schedule of ad deployments. The gross business result contributed to an increase of passenger loads in Jetstar carrier from Wellington to The Gold Coast by 20% year on year.
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We approached Interlike when we saw how well their technology worked with one of our airline partners. So we got them on board for an activation inside our terminal promoting another airline partner. The activation included the use of the Interlike selfie-station for a month-long campaign. The best bit about it – it was standalone and didn't require extra personnel to man it at all times. Plus it was super easy to use by everyone. The result was huge engagement on Wellington Airport's Facebook channel and corresponding airline passenger loads increased to the destinations we were marketing.

Six months later we ran another campaign with Interlike with the same airline partner – the campaign involved targeted Facebook ads to increase brand awareness and increase bookings for the airline. We're really pleased with how easy it was to work with Interlike – from creating the campaign to designing the ads to implementing the strategy. And at whatever point we wanted an update, we got it. The results of the campaign were impressive too!
Arpita Dutta
Marketing and Communications Manager
Wellington Airport
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Winning 'Extend the Summer' Social Media Campaign with Wellington Airport and Jetstar
To build on the success Interlike delivered for Wellington Airport x Jetstar on premise activation in 2016, we came together again to inspire audiences and drive business growth with a targeted campaign in the Facebook environment. The objective to increase sales of flights flying to The Gold Coast from Wellington with Jetstar. A colder than average and shorter than average summer coupled with a sizzling special proved tempting for Wellington residents.

Social media advertising has arrived and the most successful cut through tends to come from ads that mimic organic posts. Rather than focus on the lack of summer in Wellington we promoted the abundance of summer conditions on The Gold Coast. So we came up with the 'Extend your summer at Gold Coast' and 'Escape the winter' campaign scheduled for 1.5 months.

Wellington Airport provided professional video and photo assets which Interlike then turned into attention grabbing creative ad sets while drawing inspiration from viral travel videos of beautiful scenery, a positive good feeling and the desire to explore. Gold Coast destination also joined the campaign to provide incentives to the first 10 bookings to receive 2 x adult tickets to Dreamworld and Movie World AND a $200 voucher to shop at Harbour Town.

We deployed exactly 7 ad executions made up of 17 micro campaigns totalling 49 ads with a highly focused customer targeting drawn from Interlike database collected at the last years installation - ensuring uplift on those already in tune with the brand, it's lookalikes, Facebook targeting based on interest and remarketing to landing page visitors. The creative, quality of the audiences and the careful strategy delivered overall success of the campaign.

The Results
20% of passenger load increase from Wellington Airport to Gold Coast with Jetstar
29% conversion rate
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Offline Lead Generation Campaign with Wellington Airport and Jetstar
Being high-traffic locations with a diverse and international mix of consumers, brands see airports as an interesting setting for marketing campaigns. Wellington Airport discovered a successful mechanic to grab attention from busy daily travellers within the airport terminal space.

Promoting Jetstar Airways, Wellington Airport partnered with Interlike to provide travellers with a friendly, simple and fun installation designed to autonomous. Create branded content of customer photos, easily share to Facebook, track social reach and engagement plus collect an opted in unique customer data base. Interlike photo marketing platform combined with an eye catching photo wall installation enabled busy families, time poor business people and the intrepid a quick and easy activity to enter the draw one of 20 flights to 2 available popular Australian destinations.

Wellington Airport used open spaced photo booth to enable travellers to enter the competition surrounding the #MyJetstarSelfie campaign. Deployed in terminal with two beautiful eye catching photo sets promoting Melbourne and GoldCoast destinations. A simple but effective mechanic where customers choose which city they would like to discover, snap a photo enter details and share instantly to win. As part of the automated Interlike sharing mechanic a branded HTML email delivered directly into customers inbox offered customers an second entry to win by posting their photo on Instagram with #MyJetstarSelfie.

Within the 4 week campaign, Wellington Airport engaged with users on social media and collected a qualified customer database for further relationship marketing.

The Business Results

The most recent results on cost per lead per industry was conducted on March 2017 by Survey Anyplace. As reported by the article, the current cost per lead for travel industries is $29 per lead.

By using Interlike's photo marketing platform, Wellington Airport collected a total 1,379 unique leads driving CPL down to just $3 per lead. In addition we delivered 479,617 impressions on Facebook from customer content shared by Interlike mechanic to Wellington Airports offical Facebook page.
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