A Book signing tour GenZ style
Happy crying kids, internet mega celebrity and a million selfies - not your regular book release tour. However it makes total sense when the book in question isTHEY LET ME WRITE A BOOK by Jamie Curry.

Jamie is a YouTube sensation with twice following of Lorde and almost three times that of All Blacks. So its little wonder that experiential into social activation has been of an off the chart success. Literally the resulting numbers didn't actually fit into our existing report template. Our coder ninjas had to refactor to accommodate.. The numbers were 16x higher than our previous record project -#Kiwisinkilts for NZ Commonwealth team in Glasgow. 438 photos generated 16,825,866 post views each seen 38,415 times by 28,115 unique users. I know, what is life? View the first campaign insights report here.

So HarperColins Publishers released the book and made a decision to use Interlike platform for their social extension during the author book signing tour.
It kicked off with 6 appearances throughout New Zealand in Whitcoulls stores. Super excited fans could meet with Jamie, have their book signed and get a selfie with her too and that's where things got interesting. Via Interlike app every photo was instantly branded with the books masthead and instantly published to Jamie's World FB page.
Fan's absolutely loved it, they were crazy about their photo featured on their idol's FB page. Nearly every post ended up tagged, the engagement and reach went through the roof. It was so precious and important for her fans, the comments were filled with love and loyalty. Those who couldn't be there or didn't have the book yet released in their country supported the launch and shared comments charged with anticipation.
This campaign is a perfect example of why Clinton, Zlata K and Kirill started Interlike. We wanted to see more love on the internet, spread goodwill, magnify and enable easy sharing of happy moments and connections. It might sound cheesy but its actually true.This campaign is a WIN WIN WIN for everyone involved. For Jamie - her face time with fan's went viral; for the fans had their special precious moment of them meeting with their idol was digitally immortalised and seen by millions; and the publishing house witnessed instant growth in the desire to purchase the book with their target audience throughout the world.
During the first round debrief Lily Richards of HarperCollins commented that they have tried many different ways to reach the slippery GenZ audience and by far Interlike has proven the most successful platform to date.
«We used Interlike to help magnify the publicity of a book signing with social media giant Jamie Curry. Interlike's enthusiasm was key to the concept & helped turn a simple picture into something exciting, something people wanted to have and wanted to share. The net result was huge engagement on Facebook as well as Instagram - two crucial channels for the book's target audiences. We could not have been happier.»
HarperCollins Marketing & Digital Design Co-Ordinator
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