Why Volkswagen won Customer Satisfaction Award – Our experience at Fieldays
Written by Paola Par
Earlier this year, Roy Morgan Research, announced the winners 0f New Zealand Customer Satisfaction Awards where Volkswagen won Car Manufacturer of the Year. Working with them at Fieldays 2016, we saw how much care goes into customer experiences.

Fieldays, Hamilton is one of the biggest days of the year to showcase cutting edge technology for agriculture and engage with the rural community. Companies around the country gather to display and sell their best products and services. With over 1000 exhibitors competing for attention and a high sales target, Volkswagen needed to do something special to stand out.
With customer experience as the biggest priority, VW created a very welcoming space and stayed away from hard-selling techniques. Their presence at Fieldays was infused with the brand values making their tent a place for customers to feel their hospitality.

This resulted in skyrocketed sales and brand loyalty. On top of that through content and shares, there was a lot of social engagement beyond the event from those who couldn't make it to Fieldays.

Everyone who stepped into the tent from vendors, suppliers, organisers, customers and the VW team themselves had so much enjoyment that it did not feel like an expo. Even VW NZ's general manager, Tom, was on first name basis with the customers. We can see how much care they put towards each individual that walked in. This is a testament to how they treat customers outside of Fieldays deserving them the Roy Morgan Research Customer Satisfaction Award for Car Manufacturers.
What did they have in their tent?
Apart from the atmosphere and welcoming faces, VW invested in creating the best space for customers to hang out in. Whether they were planning to buy a car or not.

The whole configuration of the space was so warm and cozy, there were fairy lights on the ceiling, wooden barks and grass on the floor. From walking in, you are offered free coffee, free soup, warm heaters and a place to sit. Kids ran to the merchandise shop excited to tell their mum about the lego kombi. To top it up with good tunes, it embodied an environment of a relaxed, chilled house party with your mates rather than a trade show.

The team used Interlike to take customerson an augmented road trip in a kombi van. This struck a cord to kombi owners and enthusiasts. We heard a lot of stories of their best kombi road trips from back in the days.

VW team from the head office travelled from Auckland every day to run a sausage barbeque fundraiser for a great local charity. From accountants, to executives to product managers, we've seen them all helping out as one.

To some, selling cars can be intimidating or be perceived as something so stagnant. Here, we saw Volkswagen embody life, values and family. Spending four days with them was definitely an eye opener to see how a big corporation can humanise themselves which reflected to amazing results. The whole experience made us wanting to buy VW cars for ourselves. Just holding out for the electric model to be released and we'll be first in line.

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