3 tips to guarantee influencers to share their experience with your brand
Written by Paola Par
For any movie premiere, along with giving guests exciting live on ground experience, it is also important to promote a social buzz and encourage anticipation for the movie's release.
Here are 3 tips to guarantee influencers and fans to share their experience with your brand.
Create a cool nowhere else experience

Using Interlike's technology, fans and bloggers were captured in a unique creative setting that made them feel like they are in the movie. Photographs have one of the biggest social media penetration power. Each personal experience was turned into a photo with the official hashtag and the name of the movie. It became highly personalised yet branded piece of content.
Enable unique content creation
People always want to know what others are doing. In addition to that, people like being rewarded when they do something that strokes their ego. This can also apply to experiential. Holding a competition where it requires someone to showcase skills/talent or engage with your product/service will get a mass of attendees watching and engaging. Make sure to use the competition to enable customers to produce content with your brand as they want to show their network what is happening. This type of strategy works best with an engaging hosts to attract attendees and inspire them to take part. Engagement and reach on social media of shared content will be a great way to measure the impact of the activity. It's important to use a mechanic that captures the data so you can report on ROI of experiential.
Instant sharing to social media

It's essential that branded content created at the event is delivered to guests personal devices instantly. With Interlike, all photos were loaded to a branded gallery and links to individual photos were delivered to influencers and fans personal emails. The gallery contained all popular social media sharing buttons making it super easy to spread the word.

Check out these behind the scenes
Great companies like Singapore Airlines, New Zealand Olympic Committee, Clinique, Logitech and more utilise Interlike to create great content and authentic engagement with their customers and community to convert them into lifelong customers.

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